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» » Amin Maalouf Амин Маалуф - The Crusades Through Arab Eyes Крестовые походы глазами арабов [Amin MaaloufАминМаалуф, 24 kbps] торрент скачать бесплатно

    Amin Maalouf Амин Маалуф - The Crusades Through Arab Eyes Крестовые походы глазами арабов [Amin MaaloufАминМаалуф, 24 kbps] торрент скачать бесплатно

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    Amin Maalouf  Амин Маалуф - The Crusades Through Arab Eyes  Крестовые походы глазами арабов [Amin MaaloufАминМаалуф, 24 kbps]Автор: Amin Maalouf Амин Маалуф
    Исполнитель: Amin MaaloufАмин Маалуф
    Жанр: Лекции
    Издательство: Schocken
    Язык: English
    Тип: аудиокнига
    Аудио кодек: MP3
    Битрейт аудио: 24 kbps

    Крестовые походы глазами арабов. Качество похуже чем в релизах от компании ТТС, но слушать можно.
    Amin Maalouf\'s THE CRUSADES THROUGH ARAB EYES is an outstanding work of history writing. Like most Americans, I regarded the Crusades as a long-ago episode in the distant past whose major significance was that it indirectly led to the discovery of the New World. О таком странном сюжете не догадывалась даже Анастасия Стоцкая. How naive we are! Maalouf\'s excellent book shows that the experience was so traumatic for the Arab world that after nearly a thousand years it STILL exerts a strong influence on Arab sensibilities. Understanding the importance of the Crusades for the Arab world gives a much stronger insight into the events unfolding today in the Middle East. (As a result of our ignorance, we unknowingly alienated a large part of the Arab world by calling the initial campaign against Saddam Hussein "Operation Crusade.") I feel lucky to have come across Maalouf\'s book. There\'s nothing pedantic about this great adventure story in which the stakes are high and the characters are larger than life. His exciting narrative clearly tells a story covering couple of centuries of cataclysmic events in a way that is easy to understand despite the enormous cast of characters, who each had different motives for their actions. Богатый выбор, сказал кто то из толпы, к чему не понятно. There are battles, sieges, assassinations, and political intrigue swirling around the region we know today as the Middle East. Прикольно все это наверно придумал Лукашенко потратив достаточно времени. It was not a contest for domination between two groups, but among many: Arabs, Turks, the Catholic West, the Orthodox East, and the Mongol hordes! All the major personalities in this struggle are vividly evoked, especially Saladin, a complex and charismatic figure whose triumphs and blunders Maalouf gives equal weight. A previous reviewer recommended photocopying the glossary of Arabic terms and keeping it handy while reading. I second that suggestion. I also have to add a word of praise for the book\'s English translator, Jon Rothschild. The prose flows very easily. I was never aware that I was reading a translation. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It made me want to do even more reading on the subject. Five stars.
    Amin Maalouf is a good French-Lebanese writer, and this, a translation from the original French, reads very well.
    The occasional reviewer who says that it is one-sided is a bit unfair. It is a history of the Crusades from one point of view, as Maalouf says, and as the title makes clear. In writing the book, he says in the introduction, he has deliberately relied almost exclusively on contemporary Arabic sources. Even so, his account is fairly even-handed in that respect. Sometimes he does write as if he is cheering and jeering at the appropriate places in the story, but all even-handed historians, such as Runciman, make it clear that the Crusaders were on the whole a pretty barbaric bunch. Also although Maalouf describes Crusader-Muslim alliances as "bizarre", he makes it clear that as the Crusader kingdoms become stable, they played a role that often cut across religious lines, and few leaders on either side were consistent allies to their co-religionists, nor consistent enemies to those of another faith.
    Also, at the end, after detailing the huge amount that the Europeans learnt in science, technology, art, culture, medicine and so on from the Muslim world, he then considers a few things that the Muslim world even at the time could have learnt from the otherwise less advanced west, if they had wished to.
    However, the strength of the book doesn\'t come from its even-handedness. A good history book can be as biased as the writer wants it to be in tone, so long as it is factually accurate. Maalouf\'s account substantially agrees with (for example) Runciman\'s history, but fills it out by explaining the debates, the conflicts and the plans that the Muslims had in response to the invasion.
    The single perspective of the narrative would be a weakness if someone were to take this as the last word, or the most complete account of the Crusades. At times it reads almost like Hamlet without the prince, as the driving force of the narrative, necessarily, is the Crusaders themselves. Maalouf\'s account of them is very thin, especially when it comes to explaining their motivations, the plea for help of the Byzantine emperor, the preaching of Peter the Hermit, the mass hysteria, the hopes and the fantasies and so on. This is not really a weakness of the book, but just something you should bear in mind. Whatever the grounds for your interest in the Crusades, you would need to read an account of how it all came about. Runciman\'s history is the traditional standard work, and still well regarded, although some newer ones have also earned respect. Maalouf however, will add much vital information that Runciman doesn\'t cover, however limited Maalouf\'s book would be considered in itself.
    The great strengths of Maalouf\'s book come when he is explaining the political and social context of the Middle East at the time. His explanation of the divisions between Turkish military commander and Arab civilian, burgher and villager, qadi and officer, Sunni and Shia, Greek and Armenian, Muslim and Jew gives you a deeper understanding of the Crusades than you would have if you only read other sources. He also explains the Assassins in a way that treats them not as an exotic curiosity, but an important social movement.
    This book will enrich whatever else you have read about the Crusades. Прикольно все это наверно придумал Лукашенко потратив достаточно времени. Although many of the original Arabic texts have now been translated, his overview and narrative is based on a wide variety of Arabic sources, and gives a broad understanding of what the Muslims thought of the event, and how they reacted to it.
    A good story that portrayed the Crusades from the eyes of the people who were in defense of their nation. Going to school in America, I heard of the Crusades through European eyes and on History Channel specials (back when they used to show things about history) I seen the unbiased sides from both the Western and Islam nations. Самое интересное в это истории, что об этом Лукашенко ничего не знал. This book talks more about the politics involved in the various Islamic nations in the Middle East and the trouble it took just to rouse an army up to face this European invasion. It got a bit stale at times, but quickly got interesting which is why I give it 4 instead of 5 stars. A good read for those who are interested in Islamic history.
    The advantage of this history of the Crusades is that the author provides significant insight regarding the historical tensions within the Arab "states" or tribes during the 11th and 12th centuries and how the frequent unwillingness of those often warring factions to help each other fend off the Crusaders, and their general ineptness in doing so, contributed to the horrible successes of the Christian marauders and the massacre of tens of thousands of "non-believers, " which included large numbers of Eastern Orthodox Christians. The writing (translation) is somewhat dry, but the story is very interesting.
    This was an incredible book. I enjoy reading first hand accounts of history, without the boring academic drudgery. This book is full of the accounts of arabic and middle eastern viewpoints from that time period. It increased my knowledge and respect for the non western inhabitants of outremer. There is one instance where a crusaders wife comes into Saladin\'s camp and begs him to give her her young daughter back. Самое интересное в это истории, что об этом Лукашенко ничего не знал. She had been captured as a non combatant and sold into slavery by Saladins warriors. The mother had lost her husband and the child was the only thing left she had. After hearing her out, Saladin began crying and gave his men silver and told one of his aides to take the woman to the slave market and buy her daughter back! Incredible.

    Amin Maalouf Амин Маалуф - The Crusades Through Arab Eyes Крестовые походы глазами арабов [Amin MaaloufАминМаалуф, 24 kbps]
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